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Check whether your plastic bottle or lunch box is harmful to health

When hot, fatty, acidic or salty foods or drinks are placed in plastic containers, it finally allows the transfer of chemicals from plastic containers into food or drinks. Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates are two chemicals from plastics that are often associated with the risk of health problems. The food and drinks we consume almost always come in contact with plastic, since they are sold in markets or supermarkets, we bring them home, until we process them and store them. In this process, there is a transfer of chemicals from plastic packaging to food. BPA and phthalates are said to transfer these harmful substances. Danger of BPA and Phthalates BPA is a material that has long been used to harden plastics, including reusable beverage bottles and food containers. This material is also commonly found in cans of formula milk to prevent rust, baby milk bottles, and some toddler supplies. BPA is thought to have an impact on increasing the risk of heart disease, cancer, liver disorder
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Don't Wrong Choosing Baby Bottles, These are the Safe Criteria

Giving baby breast milk (ASI) milk or formula milk to the baby by using a bottle is a common thing to do. However, the baby bottles used must meet safe criteria. To make baby bottles hard, clear and not easily broken, a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) is usually used. However, after researching, this material turned out to be potentially harmful to health. Even since 2012, the US Food and Drug Administration has begun banning the use of the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic baby bottles. Danger of CPA Some studies link the use of BPA with an increased risk of health problems, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, fertility problems, metabolic disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), early puberty, and hormonal disorders in the body. However, these impacts have only been monitored in animal studies. Until now, it has not been known exactly how the impact of BPA on human health. To note, the use of BPA in plastic packaging is not only for baby bot

Choices for How to Straighten Hair

One of the things that is very considered by women is appearance. Various methods are used by women to look beautiful, one of them is by straightening hair. Some women who have curly hair choose to change the appearance of their hair by straightening hair. This method is considered able to make the appearance look different and more charming. Various Ways to Straighten Hair For those of you who are interested and plan to straighten your hair, here are some ways you can take: Flat iron or hair curling Straightening your hair with curling is arguably the easiest way, because this technique can be done at home and by anyone. You only need a hair dryer and a hair dryer that is powered by a conductor of heat to get straight hair. However, it's good to avoid clamping your hair too often, especially at high temperatures. Because, these actions can cause hair to become dry and brittle. Instead, use hair curling only 1-2 times a week, with low temperatures. To reduce the risk of

Three Rainy Seasonal Diseases That Lurk Together with Floods

Awareness of the outbreak of the rainy season must be increased. Some diseases can easily spread, especially if the rainy season causes a flood. Some infectious diseases are easily endemic when there is a flood. Water-borne diseases, such as leptospirosis, diarrhea, and typhoid fever, tend to have more potential to increase even though these diseases also have high cases outside the rainy season. Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, such as dengue fever, will also increase during the rainy season. In addition, dirty water during flooding can also cause dermatitis, wound infections, eye infections, and respiratory infections. Three Rainy Season Diseases Related to Floods If your environment is at risk of flooding, then be aware of the possibility of the following diseases: Leptospirosis Leptospirosis is caused by a bacterial infection of Leptospira and is usually spread through animals. Some animals that often spread this disease are mice, cows, dogs and pigs. The risk of get

For those who want to know about urine therapy, read here

Urine therapy has been known and practiced for a long time for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. People believe that this therapy has benefits, so it is used as an alternative treatment. This action has another name for urotheraphy or urinotherapy. Urine therapy is done by drinking or smearing the skin with its own urine. It is said that urine consumed or applied to certain parts of the body is useful to protect the skin, disinfect, and to whiten teeth. In addition, urine therapy is also considered good for getting rid of allergies, zits and insect stings. But is it true that urine therapy is effective as a treatment? Some Claims Regarding the Benefits of Urine Therapy Although the benefits of urine therapy have not been clinically proven, but not a few are still trying to do the therapy. Here are some examples of the goals of someone doing urine therapy: Fight cancer The use of urine therapy for cancer treatment is based on the fact that certain tumor-triggering proteins ar

Maintain Harmonious Households Even When They Are Not Young Again

Throughout the marriage trip, family obstacles and problems will arise and be a test for couples. Did not rule out the possibility that this test could reduce the quality of harmony between husband and wife. Couples who survive, learn, and overcome common problems are those who are usually successful at maintaining a harmonious household. Even though home life has its ups and downs, you and your partner can always maintain a harmonious relationship. Try to always recognize and manage any problems that arise. Solve the two by always trying to find the best solution, not blaming each other. Common Problems Occur in the Household The following are some of the problems that often exist in conjugal relationships, along with ways to solve them, so that the household stays harmonious: Communication problem Within the household, lack of communication often triggers greater problems. Experts argue that poor communication can be caused by you and your partner who are too busy with ea

7 Facts of the Skin as the Largest Human Organ

Never underestimate the skin organ. In addition to influencing one's appearance, this largest human organ has many important functions, such as protecting the body from foreign matter and maintaining a stable body temperature. Because of that role, then the skin must be maintained properly. If stretched, the skin on the body of an adult male weighing 68 kilograms, can reach 1.7 square meters with a weight of 4 kilograms. The skin is the thinnest on the eyelid, while the thickest skin on the soles of the feet. Although only a few millimeters thick, it turns out the skin consists of layers of tissue that have the characteristics and functions of each. Facts about Human Skin The following are the seven facts about the skin that we need to know, namely: The skin is a body protector. The skin will protect nerves, bones, muscles, blood vessels, and all the internal organs of the human body. The skin also prevents harmful substances and microorganisms from entering the body. The